Multi-Purpose Dump Bodies


The Flo ‘N Dump was designed to be a simple, strong and versatile unit. The Flo ‘N Dump is first and foremost a heavy duty dump body. Incorporated into the design is a 34” wide center mounted conveyor that moves ice control material to the rear through the tailgate or to the front through a chassis frame chute. The Flo “N Dump is ready to be used as either a dump body or ice control spreader – at a moments notice! When dangerous, icy conditions demand stability…the Flo ‘N Dump lets you spread loads safely – while the body remains down on the chassis.


The UNI-BODY has taken the same rugged design principles as our original Flo’N Dump, added a state-of-the-art crossmemberless floor with trapezoidal longitudinals, and has created the next generation of multi-purpose dump bodies. Designed not only to be a simple, strong and versatile unit, the crossmemberless floor lowers the overall weight and reduces maintenance requirements.


Unique Uni-Body construction with center conveyor design makes this body a true workhorse. Light weight yet strong, the Pro-Com® can handle a variety of tasks – from hailing aggregates to spreading ice control material to road repair. The Pro-Com® is the best multi-purpose body for any job!