Good Roads

Good Roads has been servicing customers worldwide since 1982. With 80,000 wheels and thousands of tires in stock, we have the largest wheel inventory anywhere on the east coast of the United States. A large inventory takes a large sales force, and Good Roads has 18 very knowledgeable sales associates to help you every step of the way.

Good Roads has the most diverse inventory in the world. We have wheels ranging from 13” to 32”, staggered, tuner, all terrain and big chrome. Good Roads is the exclusive distributor of over fifty major wheel brands such as Asanti, Concept One, DUB, Fuel, Konig, Lexani, Ruff Racing, Status Alloy, TSW, TUFF A/T, XXR, XO and more! Good Roads is continuing to grow, and has just added another 70,000 sqft warehouse and stocked it full of Toyo, Lexani, Pirelli and Delinte tires. We have also increased our 28” and 30” wheel inventory. If your customer wants it, Good Roads has it!